We provide full body shapewear, bodysuits and other shapers. We created and built these shapewears/shapers so women will be comfortable and feel confident in, especially for ladies who have extra thick curves.. Our shapewear is built to handle all shapes and sizes.

Our Shapewear is not just for those who want to hide pounds. It’s for anyone at any weight. We tell all our clients, and yes we cover shapewear during the Closet Clean-out (but no, we do not go through your panty and bra drawer), that shapewear is more about smoothing than sucking. It is about giving your clothes a smooth surface to lay on top of, and less about sucking you in and making it difficult to breathe. So if you have trouble breathing or moving in your shapewear, you’re wearing the wrong shapewear.

If you had children or you carry your weight around your midsection, you might feel self conscious about your abdomen. But don't let that prevent you from wearing beautiful things. If you've ever had shapewear roll down your stomach over the course of a big night out, a bodysuit will stay in place, well, forever. Shop our bodysuit and shapewear so you won't have to worry about it rolling down.

If you're in need of help with "saddlebags" or thigh bumps, try one under pencil skirts, fitted dresses or pants in clingy fabrics like silk or crepe. Make sure it has enough grip at the bottom so it stays in place and doesn't roll up your leg. Also, make sure it isn't too small, otherwise it will cut into your leg, leaving you with double-bubble thighs. Shop our Mid/Long Thigh Shapewears.